We live in the happiest country in the world, It is not exaggerated.

The idea of ​​the Finnish Chinese Real Estate Association was originally created by three students studying in Finland. Yao Jun, founder of a hotel chain, Wang Chen, CEO of Slush China, and me, a small employee working for an international company.

Before the idea existed, our dream of forming a company had been postponed due to the fact of us running around the world for work. When living abroad, life gets more hectic. It is fulfilling to overcome challenges, but it seems less touchy to life. At the age of 24, I figured out happiness is the most important to me.

At 30, I finally decided to reside in Finland after comparing the environment, safety, education, stability, living standard etc. and of course the happiness level after living in different countries. From my own experience, my life in Finland is truly happy - this experiment came to me before Finland was voted the happiest country in the world.

Finnish Chinese Real Estate Association was officially established in 2019. This is inevitable. several local Finnish companies and projects came to us. We hope to devote ourselves this time because we are ready.

During this period, I also served as the Chairman of the Finnish Chinese Women's Association and the Standing Committee and Vice-Chairman of the European-Chinese Women's Federation. It helped us in a way to build our customer base quickly.

We help our clients to purchase properties, rent homes, purchase local businesses etc. We hope everyone and their family live in maximum happiness out of their investment in Finland.

As the only and the biggest Chinese association in Finland, our services today have extended from real estate to business acquisition and immigration.

We are the fastest way to reach the Chinese community in Finland for all general living substances.

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Contact us if you have any questions about the following; buying/selling a property, setting up a business, purchasing a company address, business acquisition, visa/ID application.


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